Carving isn’t as rudimentary as many people think. Instead, you can in fact find everything from human forms to spaghetti seats. Yes, there really is a huge number of things you can do with a simple piece of wood (that is with a little practice and a lot of time!) Some of my favourite carvings in the world are:

Bruno Walpoth’s Human Sculptures. The amazing artist creates fantastic wooden sculptures. After completing the carving, Walpoth will then cover his whole creation with a paint which is semi-translucent. The final result is amazing and takes your breath away completely!
Eboarch is a collaboration between Yon Ju Lee and Brian Brush. They were able to create a “Seat” which is made from 400 wooden chairs. The result is incredible and the effect cannot be described – you simply need to Google it!
Dan Webb is particular favourite of mine. He created “Destroyer” – something which you should certainly be checking out!

These are all large structures and pieces which I aspire to create. However, there are also many smaller pieces which I am also impressed by! For example:

I am a HUGE fan of Caricature Carvings. Those done by Phil Bishop are particularly fantastic. I’m always amazed when people can create stunning caricatures on PAPER, so when it’s done in wood – wow.
As well as carving, I also love architecture – although this is only a very amateur passion – I especially love when the two passions come together. So, James McNabb is an absolute favourite of mine. His work focuses on small abstract cityscapes. However, McNabb focuses on unique pieces.
A piece which I think is really cool is a blend of both carving and technology. Michael Rea created Wooden Technology and he even includes both glass and steel. In fact, his work is mainly inspired by sci-fi films!
A larger idea which I am very interested in is Jeff Uitto’s Driftwood Sculptures. Imagine! He finds large pieces of driftwood and creates amazing sculptures such as giraffes and horses. I’ll be linking his work in a later post.

I hope to add images to this page once I find the best options, or once I visit the amazing works myself! Are you an aspiring carver? Please send me your best work so I can display it on this website. If you need my tips or help – then also get in touch! I love to connect with local carvers, as well as carvers all over the world!