It can be difficult to convince your child to spend time with you, which is why parents have to come up with something that interests him personally. If your kid loves sports and has the gift of being crafty, you can make together wooden sports themed crafts. We’ll give you a few ideas below.

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A mini table football table

While you might not be able to afford a real table football table, you could at least try to make a model of it. It’s true you couldn’t actually use it, but a child who likes football would probably want to show this to his friends. Besides, he might even be interested in the building process itself.

The trickiest part is to make a wooden box without a top. If you don’t think you have the skills for that, stick to a simple shoebox that’s quite sturdy. Use long wooden barbecue skewers as support for the “players” that you can carve in wood. The easier option is to use painted clothespins but then where’s the crafty part? Let the child do the painting and you stick with the dangerous bits that involve cutting and sculpting.

Decorative cutouts

For this you need a template and wood cutting tools, so it is most suited for people with carpentry experience. Young children will not be able to be involved  in the cutting part but if you want to do that with a crafty teenager, it’s a great idea to make sports themed cutouts. These could be 2D shapes of balls (football, basketball, baseball etc) or more complicated items like team logos.

For example you can make several cutouts and tie them together on a rope that you can hang as wall decor in your child’s bedroom. The logos can actually be carved in big sizes and hanged on the wall too. On the contrary, you could cut them real small to use as key rings.

Wooden scoreboards

If your child likes team sports that require a scoreboard, you can build it together. It’s actually very easy to make. All you need is a plain piece of wood of appropriate dimensions. You can either carve the score and team names or just have the letters painted in different colors.

It’s even better if you have a particular game in mind that speaks of a memorable event in that team’s history. Another idea is to use a blackboard with a custom frame that you create together with the child, but it wouldn’t be as fun or interesting as the former option.