Being an artist requires you to have the right tools, as much as it does talent and hard work. Working without the right tools can lead to problems, regardless of the work you’re doing. If you’re a passionate gambler, for example, you need the knowledge to play the slots or craps, which you can easily get from multiple online sources such as And the more you invest yourself in art or gambling or whatever hobby you’ve got, the more you learn to appreciate and make use of the more expensive tools.

Here are the essentials any artist should have:


Pencils are always necessary to an artist. They are either wooden or mechanical and can come from a variety of brands. Familiarize yourself with the brands and find one or two which suit you the best. Always have a couple of pencils handy, as you never know when you might need them.


This one shouldn’t even be mentioned if you have pencils. Yet, people still forget erasers and complain when they can easily make corrections to their works without much hassle. Erasers also come from different brands but you should find one that doesn’t leave a mark.


These are very handy, especially if you have an outburst of ideas. Sketching them quickly will keep you from forgetting. They are also very handy if you want to bring your work with you, have it as a backup CV.


Canvases are simply put a foundation of an artist. It is THE tool of the trade. It does require other things for it to display your masterpiece.


Whether you buy oil or watercolors, it is up to you. Take note that not every type of paint is good for every type of layer. Acrylics can go on almost anything while oil tends to be pickier. Watercolors favor paper, but other layers aren’t as bad. There are plenty of paint types and brands to choose from.

Easels and Palettes

Both are necessary if you’re painting on a canvas. Well, they are not necessary but will make painting much easier. Easels should be bought according to what you’re painting and how much room you have around you, while palettes come in different material types, wood, acrylic or plastic.


Ah, here the choice becomes immeasurable. There are many kinds of brushes which do different things and have different effects. To know which one you need requires you to paint. To avoid this paradox, start off with a recommended brush from a local store and practice away.

These tools are the ones artists need the most, the essential ones.