Online games are an easy way of spending some time not thinking about work or anything that might stress you out. Online games have a tendency of attracting people as they are simply put, fun. While being fun is almost mandatory for any online game, having great artwork is also if not essential, then highly anticipated.

Whether you are playing a racing game, slot machine game or a platformer, the artwork of a game needs to be up to standards. With the modernization of both hardware and software, many people have access to easier ways of creating beautiful art. Therefore, art became important in various genres of online games. Let’s explore some of those genres to see what each of them can show you, art-wise.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games were not well-known for their art in their inception, but a lot of time has passed since then. Now, they joined the club of better art, for the sake of having better profits. There are some exemplary games but the most beautiful artwork is found in slots. Slot machines require better artwork than the rest, as they offer pretty simple gameplay.

Tropicana Casino has some interesting games like the DaVinci Diamonds. You can’t expect more art than DaVinci, even though you can still find interesting and beautiful designs in games such as Cleopatra, Baywatch, Asgardian Stones, Acorn Pixie, Dead or Alive and many more. Those who really like slots can take advantage of Tropicana promotions and bonuses and get free money with their first deposit.

While there are other casino games such as Age of the Gods Live Roulette, slots tend to make up for most of the online casino games, especially when it comes to artwork.

Online Shooters

Shooters are by far some of the most interesting games online. They tend to be quick and fast-paced, requiring twitch reflexes. People enjoy them as they also relieve a lot of stress. One could easily relax with an age-old classic such as Wolfenstein 3D. This game was released back in 1992 but it is available for free, to play in a browser of your choice. While the artwork might not be modern, it is certainly amazing in its own way.

Contract Wars takes the modernization and applies it completely. For a browser game, it features everything from graphics to a lot of weapons and great gameplay. It is also free and is a multiplayer game. Not bad for a browser game.

Online Strategy Games

City builders are very popular and have their roots in gameplay, but also in art. Elvenar is such a game, where the art is as important as the gameplay. Building a city full of elves and humans is nothing novel, but the way they did it entices you to play over and over.

League of Angels III also does a lot of things right. You can get into it quickly and never cease to learn how you can improve your gameplay. The rich story and art can keep you staring at your screen for hours and hours.

Command and Conquer – Tiberium Alliances brings back the GDI and NOD factions, battling for Tiberium. This is a familiar story which does not get old, especially when the game feeds you great art.

There are plenty more online games with great art, but these can definitely catch the eye first.