Make no mistake – bingo is awesome. It combines luck with focus, as the perfect combination is just around the corner. It’s not about winning, that’s just a perk. It’s about playing the game. Here is a small personal confession – I use bingo bonus codes when I can get a hold of them not to win money, but to prolong the game, especially if the bingo game in question has a creative and artistic design. So, without further ado, here are some bingo games with the design that will set your heart aflutter.

Bingo Tale

This is not just a game, but something more – and you can play it with your friends. It is available at Google Play and the Apple Store. If, by any chance, you are not a fan of playing on your phone, don’t fret! You can even visit their website and play for free. The animated fox presents you with playing options, as well as your score. You don’t need to play it online, or with others, but it sure makes it more interesting.

One of the features that separate this game from others is the chat feature, so you can talk with your friends while you are destroying them on the game. It’s suitable for anyone, whether you like to play casually, or for keeps.

Bingo Blitz

Developed by Playtika, this game features two characters that help you on your journey – Blitzy and Moxi. The point of the game is to travel around the world and win bingo games in the most beautiful cities on the globe.

There is a bunch of power-ups and bonuses that you can get, even just by logging in daily. The game boasts over 10 million users who downloaded it and over 5 million likes on Facebook. This isn’t a big shock, seeing how Playtika is taking the world of game development by storm. Bingo Blitz is just one of their many successful projects.

Halloween Bingo

Are you ready to get spooky? Granted, Halloween is over, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the combination of scary monsters and your favorite pastime. The game is frequently updated to give you the best experience, and you get to enjoy a gallery of monsters that somehow manage to be both scary and adorable. There are even special events and rooms, like The Day of the Dead, where you get to enjoy the artistic skull designs of the cards.

Bingo Quest: Elven Woods

We’ve saved our favorite for last. This game is perfect for fantasy enthusiasts, as it makes you travel through the elven woods and 80 levels, making this game seem more like a fantasy RPG, rather than a bingo game.

The reason this is our favorite is that, as you play, you get to unlock and win some amazing artwork that features elves, fairies and more. So, if you are a fan of the mystical forests and their secrets, if you are looking to immerse yourself into the world of wonder, and are on the lookout for an awesome bingo game, look no further – you’ve just struck gold!