Graphic design has become more and more popular over the years. It is found in every field of our lives. Graphic designers work on visual presentations of different kinds of media. They create web pages, newspaper ads, logos, banners, animations and other. For example, take a look at online betting sites such as Graphic design is responsible for the web page design, for the banners on the site etc. It is responsible for everything we see on the page.

Graphic designers use illustration, typography, and photography in order to pass a certain message. For that reason, they see themselves as artists. Many people claim that graphic design is art while others claim it is not. The debate has been going on for years and the opinions are divided. Some people support the idea while others do not.

For that reason, in the following article, we will try to present some similarities and differences between graphic design and art in the literal sense in order to see whether graphic design is art or not.


The first thing in which graphic design differs from art is in its purpose. In art, artists try to create a work of art which will create an emotional and intellectual bond with the viewer. However, in graphic design, the purpose is quite different. Graphic designers create in order to convey a message or an idea. Unlike artists, designers do not aim to trigger feelings in their viewers but they try to make them understand the message they want to convey. For instance, they want their consumers to buy a certain product.


Another thing that makes graphic design different from art in the literal sense is its pragmatic function. Art is interpreted while graphic design is understood. When it comes to art, a work of art has a function to trigger a feeling, a feeling that can convey a certain message.

However, the message does not have to be the same. Some people can interpret the message in one way, while others can interpret it in some other way. This does not mean that one interpretation is wrong while the other is right. In art, both are right.

When it comes to graphic design, there is no ambiguity. A graphic designer conveys one message, and that message should be understood by the viewers. If the viewers fail to understand it the graphic designers did not do a good job. The message should be exact, precise, and easy for understanding. Ambiguity is not an option.


Art is a talent. The greater talent you have, the better works of art you create. However, graphic design does not need any talent, it requires great skill. The better skills you have, the greater designs you will make. Skills require practice, so in order to make a great graphic design, you need to practice a lot.


When we compare graphic design to art, we can say that even though it involves a lot of creativity, graphic design is not art. Although it requires some talent, it is more a skill that is practiced. The purpose of the designs is to convey one specific message that should be completely understood by its viewers. For that reason, graphic designers need to be precise and to know their audience well.