Carving is known as a way of shaping something into the desired shape by using tools. Normally used to make a sculpture, a figurine, or a new tool, this art form has found its way into competitions. Now, these competitions are still relatively locally-based, aimed at a specific group of enthusiasts, so it is not likely that there are people out there betting on it using the bet365 promotional code. The type of competition we will discuss in this piece is speed carving.

Chainsaws and Art

First of all, the tool used for speed carving is mainly your regular chainsaw. The amount of wood which these machines can remove at a record pace is astounding, but the art form was not present until the 1950s. Since then, people were able to create elaborate giant wooden sculptures and exhibits. Now, the question was: how to make the whole thing even more exciting?


Every year in the United Kingdom, there is a competition that has a strong appeal to hundreds of people. The artists have a limited time frame to make something beautiful during the English Open Chainsaw Competition, where anyone can enter, provided they have sufficient skills. Like in many other competitions of this nature, the sculptures are sold at an auction, so, even if you don’t win, you could still get your money’s worth.

If you are a fan of some of Japanese products and services, you may have heard of Toei. This city has not avoided the trend of speed carving. In fact, Toei is behind one of the biggest chainsaw carving clubs in Japan and beyond – the Toei Chainsaw Art Club. The club runs chainsaw competitions with clear rules, including the one where every art piece must have a title.

There are three categories. The Main Carving category allows you four hours and nothing but the chainsaw as your tool. The Speed Carving category gives you only an hour and a half, but you can use several other told and even paint your work. Finally, there’s Super Speed Carving, where you only have your chainsaw for 30 minutes. The entry fee is a bit high compared to the prizes you can win, but you can also sell your work at an auction.

The US also has an Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship. They welcome enthusiasts from everywhere for some socializing, guest carving, and pizza. There are judges to evaluate the sculptures and you can attend the auctions, as well.

Why Do It?

Some people are just proud of their woodwork. It also shows that you need a bit of skill and ingenuity to pull off making a sculpture in a limited time frame using the most destructive and awkward tool to do it. There is some beauty to wielding something used to take down trees and make something beautiful and memorable.

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned before, it is not as popular a hobby as, say, playing sports, enjoying online games, or many others. That means that this is a great way to meet fellow carvers, share stories and tips, and maybe even carve together.