You know how people can play casino games at home with their mobile by using bonus codes like the Betive bonus code? Well, the reason for the appeal is that many people don’t want to leave their house to play at a casino. But what if you wanted a more realistic approach to the problem? Playing cards and dice is easy, but today, we are going to show you how to build your own roulette table.


You may be tempted to go with plastic. Don’t. As amazing as the printing tech is today, nothing beats the good old-fashioned wood. Specifically, mahogany. Why wood? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, it is durable. Secondly, it looks nice and thirdly, and arguably most important, it gives it a vintage feel.


You may look up the specs online because there are different types of roulette wheels. However, in order to move things along and give you some idea what to expect, we have uncovered that the regulation size wheel is 32 inches in diameter and around 100 pounds. It is up to you whether your wheel will have a zero or a double zero.

Making the Wheel

If you are not a carpenter or don’t know how to craft something out of wood properly, you’d best turn to one. The basis of the process sounds simple enough. You build the wooden frame and then sandblast it and polish it. This will ensure that your wheel looks like something made by a true craftsman. After the production, you need to place the numbers. Keep in mind that they need to be spread out to ensure fairness. Furthermore, your wheel needs to turn with minimal traction.

Test and Back to Square One

Never fail to take into account the importance of testing before you present the final product to your friends. Play a few games by yourself to ensure that the wheel is turning with no obstructions and that the results are random. The latter part might be a bit difficult, but you’ll get there.

If, by any chance, your first wheel doesn’t do the job, instead of fixing it, unless it’s a minor problem, your best bet is to start from scratch. Many people will tell you that it is far better to start fresh instead of fixing, again and again, the small flaws.

Play the Game

Now, you are ready to present your creation to your mates. No longer will you have to visit casinos miles away or settle for the mobile version. It used to be that you need to go to play the game, and now the game came to you. Enjoy.