In one of my previous posts, I talked about speed carving and the competitions in this discipline I found interesting. I was recently reading a few posts on my blog while watching the little ones and trying to get my phone to help me bet with Bet9ja when I thought to myself that people would also be interested in other types of carving contests and events. So, here we are. Obviously, I will not be including the competitions mentioned in the speed carving post.

The Burning Bears Festival

In Ocean City, Washington, you will find a special event that might intrigue you. You’ve heard of Burning Man? Well, this is Burning Bears and it is held once a year in February. There is carving, auctioning, chainsaws, and a big wooden bear on fire. What’s not to love? Oh, and it’s usually free.

Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contest

Yes, it is real and no, I didn’t make it up. While my main interests generally lie with wood carving events, this one was too good to pass. This event is actually a part of the Seattle Freemont Oktoberfest. Carving a pumpkin with your family is fun and heartwarming. Carving a pumpkin with a chainsaw in front of an audience is ludicrous and hilarious. I actually attended one of these and was in the splash zone. Nothing quite prepares you for pumpkin sludge flying at you.

Hope, Canada

Here’s where it gets interesting. The thing about Hope is that it’s passionate about carving and I do mean passionate. If this is your favorite pastime or art medium, then Hope is the place to be for all sorts of carving events and guests. It is a self-proclaimed chainsaw carving capital of the world and, if you’re lucky, you might run into Pete Ryan. Even teenagers compete! In fact, in 2019, 14-year-old Porter Fultz took part in a four-day event.

International Woodcarving Festival, Russia

You may have to travel a bit for this one, as it is in Tomsk, Russia. Be prepared to learn a few local phrases. It is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the area and the festival features many other types of craftsmen besides carvers. If you are into, say, pottery or smithing and don’t mind the cold, this is one of the events that you should consider. Fair warning, I have yet not personally attended this festival.

Your Own Backyard

I know I’m corny, but I don’t care. If your family is at all interested in sharing your passion for carving, having a friendly contest with them in a safe environment is one of the best carving events someone could attend. Jodie (my daughter) is particularly fond of challenging me to whittle all kinds of characters she sees on TV for her, so now she has a few creations she refuses to part with. This last paragraph was totally my idea and my wife didn’t make me write it (send help!).