Having hobbies is a great way to make your everyday life more fulfilling, and having hobbies that help you earn some cash on the side is even better. Additionally, there are online communities you can join, and enjoy your hobby even more, or actually pick up a new hobby because you are inspired by their passion. Thanks to online communities we have sites where you can place bets, like Betway Kenya for example. There are gaming and e-sports sites, and even online courses that help you get started with just about anything.

Wood carving is an example of an extremely fulfilling hobby. Not only do you get to express yourself and create all sorts of wooden sculptures, but you can also sell them online if you wish. Furthermore, the basics are not to difficult to pick up, which will motivate you to hone your skills and become a better carver. So, if you wish to know how to start, then go over the following suggestion as they can help you identify the right online course.  

What type of wood carving art do you like? 

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, what type of carving you find the most interesting. 

  • Whittling – The least demanding form of carving in terms of equipment, and it won’t be too messy. Basically you use a pocket knife and a block of wood, and you can start carving out figurines. Probably the best choice for beginners also.  
  • Carving-In-the-Round – The most popular form currently and it means you are tools to carve out three-dimensional figures with great detail. Basically you become a 3D printer for your imagination. 
  • Relief Carving – Instead of creating figures you are creating images on a wooden panel using carving techniques. It can be really tricky as you won’t be able to improvise as much as with the other two types. 
  • Chip carving – This is great if you wish to decorate your furniture. Basically you remove small chips from the wooden surfaces in order to form geometric shapes.  

Finding courses

Once you have selected the type of wood carving in which you wish to excel, you can visit websites like Udemy, YouTube, and any other platform that has video tutorials in order to get started. In case you have to pay for the course, make sure you go over the user reviews and check how many users have actually taken the course. You should also see if there is a free trial or if the same user has uploaded content somewhere else for free in order to promote their course. This way you can find out if you are comfortable with investing in that online course, and if the lessons they give are helpful.