Hello world! I am John. I am a caver. I have a loving wife, Alison, and two little kids – John Jr. and Jodie. I also have three dogs – Hunter, Carver and Oak. The kids chose the names, obviously. I love my family and spend all of my free time with them, wandering around the woods and the small town by our house.

My wife suggested I set up this website. I am a carver and my main hobby is carving – but it is also my job. It has been passed down through the generations of my family. In fact, my great great great great grandfather was also a carver. That’s an awful lot of carving, as we like to say! Can you imagine carving in those days? It must have been an amazing feeling to see your work across town.

Although I get to share my gift with the town now, it’s mainly at craft shows and rich folk who can afford bespoke pieces for their houses. However, I much prefer making things for those who can imagine the olden days of carving. So, I decided to set up this site and share my gift with the world.

I already participate in a multitude of groups and forums about carving and am not new to the online community, this is the first place where you can read all about ME. I don’t even have social media. I may be sharing pictures of my carvings, but I won’t be sharing any images of my family – not even of my dogs and home (unless the dogs are looking particularly cute!)

If you want to get in touch to ask me about carving, then please find my email. This is a huge passion of mine and, if the industry dies, I won’t be able to afford to do it anymore so support from those who are also carvers or carver enthusiasts always goes down very well!

Is there anything better than walking into a carving space, with that wonderful smell? The area full of all the right tools and being able to turn off the real world and only focus on the end result? Certainly not.