I am a huge carver and, although it’s been a tradition in my family, I also spent a lot of time on YouTube and Reddit working out new ways to carve and finding the best tools. So, here are my answers to some of the most common questions I get asked:

What are the best carving tools?

The answer to this question is difficult – every carver is different. Heck, I used a kit that my dad bought me from a small store for about 15 years. It certainly wasn’t professional, but if you have a simple kit, you can learn the basics and decide if carving is for you. So, to begin with you should choose – a straight chisel, a straight gouge and short bent. You should also have a straight skew and a long bent too.
You might also want to consider buying a mallet and sharpening stones too. However, if you don’t have much experience at all with carving, then consider buying the whole kit and getting to know each piece of kit before you begin!

2. Where should I begin?

This is a hard question. I always recommend that people have a specific idea of something they’d like to carve in mind. No matter how detailed, it’ll take you awhile to get to. However, by checking out my page on the best carvings in the world, you can get an idea of what is possible and inspire yourself! Ultimately, JUST BEGIN! Follow a few YouTube tutorials and even join a class.

3. Traditions of Wood Carving

This is a fantastic question and one which I am very passionate about. So much so that I decided to do a Carving through the Ages page – so check that out. A passion of mine is to recreate 16th century carvings, however, there is such rich tradition!

4. What happens when you’re not conveying your creative side through your art?

This is a hard question which many carvers have to face and push through. The skill is a difficult one to grasp, but with a little hard work, you can get to the other side. Start with something small and regimented, before you focus on the artistic side of your work. By doing this, it shouldn’t be long before you can carve your perfect creation.

Please send me your questions so I can add them to this page! I currently have just a few and would love to expand, or even write a book. Thanks.